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The Happy Morning floor was designed to make us happy in the morning, When waking up on a dark and rainy morning in the fall. Using all modern and plain elements in the overall design combined with the lively floor makes a perfect balance. This particular floor has inspired quite a few of our customers to reach out for something more adventurous than they originally planned for.
The "Flower Floor” is in perfect harmony with the modern white tiles that are commonly used today.
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    The beautiful toilet of restaurant boat Nikolai II in Helsinki Harbour
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    An entrance in Downtown Helsinki
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    The first Jazz flower floor was installed in the heart of Helsinki in a newly renovated modern apartment in old surroundings.
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    An experiment with what we happened to have
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    Border and corner pieces made black and white
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    A softer version of the original Jazzflower
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    It is somewhat of a surprise that the design of late 19th and early 20th century works so well in today’s interior design.
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    A chequered floor never goes out of style
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    Detail from a Hangö Bathroom