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The historic origins of the Authentic Andalusian Tile
The hydraulic tile is an artisanal crafted creation for both floor and wall, such artistry emerging during the 19th century to then grasp widespread recognition for its beauty in the 20th century.
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The Mecina Workshop

In this picture you can se the screw press that is used in the making. It is rather different from todays hydraulic gear and that makes each tile slightly different.
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The Mecina tiles are made at our tiny workshop in Mecina Alfahar in the Alpujarras. The machinery and the moulds are all antique and so is the method of production. Theese tiles are all slightly different like individuals and suits the connoisseur who really wants a reclaimed like unique floor.
If you want to choose floors that are supposed to look authentic and handmade, you should not really look at the bulk produce with the same patterns. Machines just can’t copy the man made mistakes that make the floor alive and harmonic.
Hanna Uggla