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Although the installation process is very similar to all cement tiles some variation in practices may occur between the tiles due to different materials and methods used in the production. Thesee guidelines and tips are for trade professionals only.

An general description on installation of cement tiles can be found here
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    Laying handmade tiles is handicraft that can be done with modern techniques and materials. Carefully plan the wanted floor and read instructions before starting.
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    Laying tiles is patient work install small areas at a time and treat each tile with care. Use generously with adhesive as tiles may vary in thickness.
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    No matter how well you plan there will always be cutting and fitting and leftovers. Save all pieces and leftovers, you never know what fun mosaic you can create out of them on a rainy day.
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    The tiles need to be treated with oil before taking into use . The end result is a natural and lively floor that will last for decades.
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    The Unidrain is a perfect solution for modern bathrooms it makes the tilting of the floors easy and elegant.