How did this happen?

When travelling in the Alpujarras a few years back, we found a lost world. The white washed villages in a microclimate area that still is grateful for the ancient Moorish irrigation network and people still appreciate and respect the old ways of living.
We were smitten by the greens, the flowers, the fruits, the house and of course by the floors so we eventually ended up finding us a home in a tiny village close to Valor, the homage of the last Moorish King Aben Humeya.
The floors were so fascinating that we started to search for their roots, we wanted to know how such floors ended up in a small Moorish village in rural Spain.
We did not need to seek too far, guided by some rumors regarding the origin of the tiles in Cortijo La Parra we stumbled on a stack of old tiles outside a workshop in the nearby village . This is were it started and we wanted to know more of this mysterious workshop and its history.
Some fortunate enquiries led us on the right track and we managed to meet with the gentleman who had been running the factory in the old days. After a few more meetings he agreed to do a trial run for us and our needs. The materials for producing the tiles had to be found and then he was ready to go.
Encaustic tiles by La Parra
As an artist I am interested in patters, rhythm and colours.
One of my exhibitions years ago had the name colour dance. When I saw the floors in Alpujarras I could see the ancient patterns dance past centuries.

Finding and designing new colour combinations to fit modern living and working together with old local craftsmen and artists has given me enormous joy.
Cement tiles by La Parra
I was managing hotels for a good 20 years, this included a lot of travel embracing influences from many different places and using the best ideas when planning and refurbishing properties.
In hotels interior decorating changes with all new trends except for the floors that are kept from one generation to another.
My first acquaintance with the old Spanish tile floors a gave the same kind of ambiance you can expect to experience at a Grand Hotel.
The roughness and warm colours makes a home cosy
No matter how you combine them they turn out nice